In order to lead a fulfilled, peaceful and unhindered existence; no matter where we live, no matter where we come from, no matter what we do, many rooms or documents are indispensable to us for both our professional life and our leisure activities. Like we can mention: identity cards, driving licenses, certifications and diplomas, passports, visas, residence permits and even work permits. Some are more important than others depending on the situation, but the importance of none is negligible; especially for people who want to move abroad to work or have other reasons to live abroad like health.

These documents or documents are obtained either by request to a national administration such as the identity card and passport. Either by application to a foreign administration such as visa, residence and work permit. Either by passing a national or international exam, as for driving license, diplomas and certifications. These pieces allow you to identify yourself, prove your ability to drive and even work, as well as access to a foreign country and permission to live there for a while. Obtaining these various pieces is fraught with time, travel, money, aptitude or knowledge, psychological constraints (such as failure to pass a driving test, or failure of an online test that according to scientific research in some candidates have psychological sources).

It is in order to overcome all the hassles associated with obtaining these various documents while still having the right to authentic documents, that we offer you an entirely different solution: “the purchase here online of these various documents “. For 25 years now, we have been offering our services, which at the time were very limited to one country, its IDs and diplomas. But since time we have established in several countries, like the largest: Canada, USA, Germany, France, Great Britain, Japan, China, etc. We have also diversified our services by adding for 13 years’ international certifications and visas. With so many years of experience, our professionalism is no longer put to the test because we evolve every day; and contribute to the realization of an old dream: “a man, an identity, a destination, a job” so to participate at our level in the vast project of globalization.

Our services go beyond an online purchase, because in addition to providing these documents, we provide advice related to our experience; depending on the destination you want, the work you are considering, in order not only to minimize the risks but also to minimize your expenses. In addition, we guarantee complete discretion and confidentiality in our services, as well as the reliability and authenticity of our documents which are registered with the competent authorities. We also provide a service delivery of the documents ordered, so no need to move your order will find you where you want in the shortest time. However, our prices depend on the document to be provided and the payment is done online, via a cryptocurrency or other.

So you want to go to a paradise corner such as Bhutan whose visa is difficult to obtain, you want to go to work in Japan, you want to be a graduate of Harvard, Princeton, Oxford, you want to have a residence permit in Russia, North Korea, you want a Canadian work permit, etc., all this if you order them we will deliver them to you within a maximum of 4 days. And if you think you do not need us, at least take the time to learn about everything we have to offer. Here we offer you true freedom.

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